29 Jul

Yay, yay, yay…that’s right, my parent’s are officially Rwandese.

They got here on Tuesday night, and I have not even remotely let them get over jetlag. We have been moving and shakin’ since they got here. My parents are rock stars, though. No woosies in me familia!


(at the airport…I wore my Rwanda shirt to welcome these cute people. They’re looking pretty dang good for a 36 hour travel day, eh?!)

Wednesday I dragged them all around Kigali. We went to the Genocide Memorial…so sobering, but so necessary to understand the daunting history of this country. But also to see the redemption and reformation of sweet Rwanda. Then I took them to the Kimironko market for the best of all cultural experiences. I think it was a little overwhelming, but a great chance for them to see some true Rwanda culture. We finished with dinner at the Manor where they had live music, which was really Rwandan Karaoke. It was as special as special music comes. And a hilarious experience for the three of us to share.

At the memorial.

Mom at the Kimironko market! She can’t get enough of the presh Rwandan babes!

Yesterday was supposed to be a day of giraffe sightings at Akagera National Park here in Rwanda, but instead I was up all night with the Africa stomach. TIA people, TIA. So we cancelled that and my mommy helped nurse me back to health. Being sick is a totally different experience when your mommy is around. I headed to the doctor for…lets see…the 50th time since I have lived in Rwanda. And what do I have…a bacterial infection. That’s right, the same that landed my friend Frances in an African hospital. NO THANK YOU! But thankfully I am on meds, and am on the up and up. And I will be on an antibiotic until I get on that plane to Germany, so no more worries peeps…in a few weeks I will have an American stomach filled with Chick-Fil-A instead of an African stomach filled with amoebas. PTLJ.

This morning we hopped on a very tiny, frightening plane to head to one of my favorite places in the world…Nyungwe Forest Lodge. Yes, this is my third time here. Don’t judge. We spent the day napping in the lush beds, getting spa pedicures (not my dad…haha) and watching monkeys swing through the trees outside our bedroom windows. I am loving beyond belief having my presh parents here. They rock, and so does our time together in Rwanda.

Swindling with some taxi drivers so they won’t give us the Muzungu price. Dad is laughing because of my Rwandan accent…but all my Rwanda people can back me up on the fact that you have to talk with a funny accent so they will understand you.

Sus getting pampered by Naomi…right off that balcony we saw swinging monkeys! HOLLER.


Yes, we are wearing almost matching Nyungwe fleeces. What can I say…we love being cheesy twins.

My sweet, sweet parental units! What cute thangs! Check Dad’s Nyungwe hat…we are loving on the swag.


3 Responses to “PARENTAL Units”

  1. Jean Allsopp July 29, 2011 at 9:14 pm #

    So fun to see these pictures!! So glad they got there safely!! Please post more, love your photography Jamie!! Jeanie

  2. Liz Young August 1, 2011 at 10:44 pm #

    Such great pics and glad to see everyone having fun! Tell The Hooser “Happy Birthday” from all of us! (Maybe she can sneak in another pedi to celebrate the big day!!!!)

  3. Sue Mitchell August 3, 2011 at 12:23 am #

    Love the pictures-looks like all of you are having a great time-can’t wait to see you and hear more about your time in Rawanda. Hugs to all!

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