The Circle of Life

25 Jul

I totally would have named this blog post “Nants ingonyama bagithi baga, sithi uhm ingonyama,” if it weren’t for the fact that I’m pretty sure you all have heard these words, but have never in your lives seen them written out. They are the first lyrics to The Lion King, Circle of Life. Duh…

Hilariously enough, in Swahili the words mean, “Here comes a lion father, oh yes it’s a lion.” Love it. And yes, on our Ugandan Safari we did see simbas. Of course, no surprise at all, I was sick the morning of our second game drive so of course I missed the pack of 8 lions. Yep…yet again my Africa stomach has stolen life experiences from me.

But I cannot complain. This weekend was hands down one of the coolest of my life. And thinking about it, I have been to some disgustingly cool places. But being on a legit Safari, seeing the glory of God played out right there in the wonder of His creation…it is pretty stinking incredible. I will give you a play by play in pictures. There is just too much to explain without the pics…and photo cred goes to Bets, because of course my camera broke. But thank goodness my twin and bestie has a legit camera and zoom lens.

First sighting of the day…hyenas. Weirdo animals. But the guide told us it is very rare that they will approach your car because they are timid animals. So we were pretty pumped. About 30 minutes after this, we saw 3 more hyenas preying on some sweet little kob. But I guess that’s why they call it the circle of life.

Up next…Pumba. Stinking hilarious. They run with their tails sticking straight up just like in LK. Later on one showed up while we were getting a drink, and I got dangerously close to it before it stuck its tail up in the air and scuttled off.

Most hilarious part of our whole trip. This baboon walks right in front of this car because it sees bananas on the front dashboard. So it walks around to the drivers window and knocks until they give him a banana. Insanity. But hilarious.

Just snacking on his prize.

Look at that tiny little guy. Monkeys are so weird, but you have to admit he is sort of ugly cute.

We went on a Safari boat cruise and saw about a million hippos, along with some crocs, elephants, lots of awesome birds, and lots of water buffalo. Of course I about passed out on the boat because I am a walking petri dish and am sick every stinking second, but it was still incredible.

These funny little birds stand there all day with their mouths open and wiggle their throats in and out to stay cool. Very fascinating.

Lovin the cute hippos.

We were very disappointed that on our first game drive we didn’t see any elephants…they are Betsy’s fave…but all was made right when we came upon this little family, complete with a 3 week old baby Dumbo. He kept sticking his little ears out like this. So precious.

Look at how little and precious he is!

Even though I did not actually see this lion, I am claiming that I did. A safari is not a safari without a lion sighting. We did see some the day before, but about 100 yards away.

Best weekend ever with some sweet friends. This was the view from our Lodge infinity pool. Pretty awesome. The second morning we were there I heard elephants trumpeting in the distance and saw them grazing on that plain below.

What an awesome 2nd to last weekend in Africa! My time here would not have been complete without an experience like this.



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