Goodbye Rwanda

20 Jul

America, I’m coming home.

That’s right, all you dear readers…the time has come for my adventure in Rwanda to come to a close.

I am experiencing a whole myriad of emotions! There are feelings of sadness for leaving the place that has stolen such a huge chunk of my heart. There are feelings of thankfulness for the time I have been given to grow, struggle, and flourish in such a beautiful country and people as Rwanda. And finally, there are feelings of readiness for the next chapter of my life to begin.

I cannot even begin to describe the gift this place has been to me. From getting my legs hugged by street kids, to having bachelorette parties in the rainforest, to swimming with dolphins in the Indian Ocean, to finally strapping a baby to my back…this has been such a ride. I got to paint with orphans, play glow in the dark Frisbee with the brightest kids in the country, visit newborn babies in the hospital, ride mututaus with hoards of sweaty, stinky people…oh and of course spend too many hours at the clinic to confront my intestinal friends.

This list could go on and on. I cannot believe it has been 6 months since I moved here. And at the same time, I feel like it has been 6 years.

But don’t stop tuning in yet…more adventures are to be had in my last 2 weeks here. This weekend, Betsy and I are throwing on our safari gear and heading to Queen Elizabeth National Park to swoon over baby elephants, hang out with my fave animals…giraffes, and be stalked by simbas. We are psyched. What a fun way to go out.

Then Tuesday, my parents get here for a last hoorah for me, first hoorah for them, here in Rwanda. Then we are off to Germany for a week to gorge on wienerschnitzel and cheese. Score. I can already tell that great, hilarious, embarrassing stories are to come in my last few weeks here.

So here’s to my Rwandaful life! It has been the adventure of a life time!


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